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And the Ski Spec Winners Are...

A young lady in a sit ski with another skier behind her guiding her down a snowy mountain.

A young woman, Colleen Murphy, in a wheelchair and her two small dogs pose where a sidewalk meets a grassy lawn.

Colleen Murphy: “Being able to go to ski spectacular would be a dream come true: the ability to progress in my skiing abilities, forget about the health issues that are constantly effecting me, and be able to go to an event where I feel ’normal’ and not just the ‘outsider’ feeling I have in my daily life. This trip would be my dream come true, my escape from the harsh reality that life has dealt me. Not only is this a dream, it is something 2LIV4.”

A young boy, Nate Staton, holds onto a railing at a playground.

Nate Staton: “Oh man. This would just be the best thing. My six year old son, Nate, is a daredevil. I know Nate, he would squeal the whole way down the mountain. .” -Mom

A young girl, Harlow Lilly, in a wheelchair at a playground.

Harlow Lilly: “The Ski Spectacular would be one thing that Harlow would be able to do with everyone else and not be judged on her limitations.” -Mom

A young boy, Ethan Nitz, with crutches in front of the Chicago Bean.

Ethan Nitz: “ be able to participate in a sport with peers and others would allow for [Ethan] to see that it is possible in the world we live in.” -Mom

“This will give my son an amazing opportunity to try skiing for the first time and feel like he can do the same activities as other kids.” -Dad

A young woman, Sharon Gustafson, with leg braces poses by a lake with green mountains in the background.

Sharon Gustafson: “Despite many challenges, my injury has taught me valuable lessons such as patience, perseverance, and the power of the human spirit. Though it all, I’ve discovered an inner strength I never knew I had.”

Congrats to all, and we can't wait to see you on the mountain!

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