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Friends of 2LIV4


Airtime Watertime

Airtime Watertime designed the Floater to work for every person in every condition — so you can feel safe, confident, use less sunscreen and connect to nature and all your favorite water sports with pure joy.

**Use code "2LIV4" at checkout for 10% off!**

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If you lead an active lifestyle, the Veloped is your ideal choice of wheeled walker. With its innovative and unique design, the Veloped with its patented climbing wheel is state-of-the-art when it comes to support for walking, hiking and running.

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Extreme Motus

Nature is wheelchair accessible! Extreme Motus believes everyone should be able to enjoy their favorite activities, regardless of their abilities. This is the principle around which they have built the Emma X3 all-terrain wheelchairs.

**Use code "2LIV4" at checkout for $200 off!**

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