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Accessibility Statement

2LIV4 strives to make all of our content accessible to everyone. We are a small team of volunteers, none of whom are professional website developers. We use Wix’s accessibility wizard as a guide and kindly ask for your patience as we learn and make improvements to our site. If we can enhance your experience on in any way, please let us know by sending an email to

Our Take on Disability Etiquette

2LIV4 is committed to telling stories about people from their individual and unique perspective — not our own. Each person interviewed for a story is given the opportunity to collaborate with our writers to refine the tone of the article, and we do our best to accurately reflect their views. Disability etiquette is complex, and we aim to respect each individual’s lexical choices. In short, if the subject of the article abhors being referred to as an inspiration, we will respect their truth and refrain from doing so. On the other hand, if the subject takes pride in being called an inspiration, we will not deny them that, even if the community standard currently rejects the use of the word.

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