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Falling Into an Exceptional Walker

Editor's Note: When founder of 2LIV4 Greg Cooley was 13 years old, he was in a car accident that resulted in a traumatic brain injury. This is the story of his journey of accepting the use of a walker and finding one that suited his wants and needs.

Read all the way through to the bottom for your chance to win a Trionic Veloped.


I guess it’s safe to say that I was in denial. I worked incredibly hard in therapy after my accident to be able to walk or balance on my feet long enough to move forward. However, I have enough scars on my face and head to prove that it was unreliable, to say the least. For years my mother tried to get me to use a walker, but I resisted and continued to tell myself I didn’t need one.

Mom Knows Best

Of course, nothing can stay the same forever, and one day at work, I took a nasty fall. The next day, my mom gave me an ultimatum — either I pick out a walker within two weeks, or she was going to choose one for me. Of course, I was still in denial and didn’t think she was serious. But two weeks later, keeping true to her word, she asked if I had found a walker I liked.

Finding the One

That afternoon, I jumped on the internet and started researching walkers. I didn’t want something that looked like a traditional walker, and after clicking on what felt like hundreds of them, I found one that I was willing to try. Later that night, when my mom called asking me to send her the details, I went with the Trionic Veloped.

Don’t Leave Home Without It!

The following week, the Trionic Veloped arrived at my house. It took me some time, but eventually, it became my American Express green card; in other words, “Don’t leave home without it!” I have put hundreds of miles on my Trionic Veloped and use it to carry everything from groceries to a fifty-pound bag of scuba equipment as well as the most valuable cargo of all, my two fur babies, Dexter and Chewy.

My Veloped has been all over the world, notably the Caribbean, South of France, Cuba, and Ireland. I have used it on the beach, up rocky trails, and over cobblestone, snow, and ice. Nothing good comes from a fall, but in this case, it led me to an exceptional walker!

About Greg’s Trionic Veloped

The Veloped is state-of-the-art when it comes to walking, hiking, and running. With its patented climbing wheel, the Veloped can negotiate all types of terrain, as demonstrated throughout Greg’s travels!

2LIV4 and Trionic are donating a Veloped to one lucky winner. Click the button below to enter.

If you'd like to learn more about the Trionic Veloped, click on the button below. For any purchase made through this link, 2LIV4 will receive a small donation from Trionic!

Greg’s full story can be found here: 2LIV4's Founder Greg Cooley's Story — Told by Mom


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