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Find Your 2LIV4 at The Hartford Ski Spectacular

The Hartford Ski Spectacular, held from December 6 –12, 2021 is more than just hundreds of people coming together in beautiful Breckenridge, Colorado for one of the nation’s largest winter sports festivals for people with disabilities. It’s an impactful experience for participants with disabilities and supportive friends and family. Hosted by Move United for over three decades, this fun skiing and snowboarding event offers adaptive lessons and clinics of all levels for over 800 registered participants and their guests. Many of these are free to attend, and there are even sessions offered in winter sports like curling and sled hockey.

2LIV4 founder Greg Cooley is stoked to attend for the first time:

“I’m excited to participate this year and to see all the new adaptive equipment.”

Not everyone has a 2LIV4 that involves a winter sport but getting up to the mountains and trying something new might lead to a new passion. Or it might open up a new relationship. Or it might help you learn something new about yourself. Sometimes getting out and trying something different can lead to a better understanding of ourselves, which is what many participants and the organizers of The Hartford Ski Spectacular have found. Move United says that thousands of participants have experienced the transformational power of the #SkiSpec over the past thirty years.

2LIV4 is all about supporting people with disabilities in finding whatever cultivates joy in their lives. So maybe you love sports, or perhaps enjoy trying new things like curling or take pleasure in warming up with a hot cocoa in the lodge surrounded by courageous, supportive, wonderful people in the Colorado mountains. In any case, you can register here before November 5. Whatever your 2LIV4 might be, we hope you find it!

Editor’s note: 2LIV4 has not attended this event in the past and has no affiliation with Move United, The Hartford, or Beaver Run Resort. We encourage you to do your due diligence before registering.


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