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A Holiday Gift for James, Our Latest Extreme Motus Winner!

When we called James' mom, Ruth, just before the holidays to break the news that he won our Extreme Motus giveaway, we could hardly contain our excitement. Read on to learn about James and his family and how they'll be using their Extreme Motus all-terrain wheelchair!

Words from James' mom, Ruth:

We are a family of adventurers. We enjoy going on hikes, running, visiting parks, and basically being in nature as much as possible. However, since James is wheelchair-bound, there have been countless activities we've done outdoors where one of us (my husband, myself, or one of our other two sons) would alternately stay home to be with James because taking him along would mean being vastly limited to where we can go and what things we could do as a group.

During the times that we do get out as a whole family, we always have to carefully choose places that have wheelchair accessible pathways. When there are some parts of the location where his wheelchair can't go, one of us would again stay behind with James on a paved area while the others go exploring.

As a mom, I usually feel sad and frustrated that our financial resources couldn't even afford us a wheelchair accessible van, much more something as pricey as the Extreme Motus. Nevertheless, we do our utmost best to help him live a joyful and comfortable life.

I just wish we could do much more FOR him and WITH him if he has a wheelchair that can go anywhere.

Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway and making an impact in the lives of many families like ours!

If James could talk, he'd probably say, "Thank you so much for the Christmas blessing!"

James, a young man wearing a buffalo plaid hat and fleece sits in his wheelchair next to a Christmas tree. There is a painting of Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus on the wall behind him.

Words from James' dad, Geffrey:

Despite James' inability to talk, it is very evident in his expressions that he is most happy every time we bring him to nature parks. However, his regular wheelchair limits his opportunity to explore nature parks because of the rough terrain, which is not conducive for regular wheelchairs. Sadly, not all walking paths in nature parks are made for regular wheelchairs to roll on. It has been our dream for him to experience more nature parks if he could have something like the Extreme Motus all-terrain wheelchair.

Congrats, James! We can't wait to hear about your 2LIV4 adventures in your new chair!

Editor's note: The above text from Ruth and Geffrey has been lightly edited for brevity and clarity.

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