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Congrats to Deb Curren — Airtime Watertime Floatsuit Winner!

At Abilities Expo Phoenix, 2LIV4 held a drawing to give away three Airtime Watertime Floatsuits. Meet one of the lucky winners, Deb Curren!

Deb Curren, a light-skinned, smiling woman with grey hair, leans on her cane while her husband, a light-skinned man wearing glasses and a baseball cap, puts his arm around her and smiles.

In 2018, Deb Curren was a healthy, fit woman. She enjoyed water aerobic classes, riding her Harley, and was looking forward to her upcoming move from Chicago to Arizona, where she and her husband would enjoy a sunny retirement.

The morning they were set to hit the road for Arizona, Deb suffered a rare frontal spinal cord stroke. Her doctors said she likely wouldn't walk again.

But a few years later, and after hundreds of hours of physical therapy, she walks — and dances — with the assistance of a rollator and an ankle foot orthosis.

Now that the couple has settled into retirement in Arizona, Deb enjoys driving her golf cart around, swimming, and converting her occasional negative thoughts into positive patterns and gratitude.

Congrats on winning a Floatsuit, Deb!

About the Floatsuit:

Airtime Watertime designed the Floatsuit to work for every person in every condition — so you can feel safe, confident, use less sunscreen, and connect to nature and all your favorite water sports with pure joy.


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