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Getting Back to Nature Again (with a Little Assistance)

Editor's Note: Suzy was one of the winners of our Trionic Veloped giveaway in 2021. She recently sent us this post about how it has allowed her to get back to nature in her home state of South Carolina.

by Suzy Sullivan Moore

Suzy Moore, a woman with short brown hair wearing sunglasses, a white cardigan, and khaki pants, stands on a beach with the ocean behind her. She is using a Trionic Veloped all-terrain walker.

I live in coastal South Carolina, along the scenic salt marshes of the low country. We are very fortunate in my community to have "access" to scenic nature preserves and beaches.

That said, I also live with progressive multiple sclerosis, which affects my balance and stability — and limits a lot of the activities I am able to do outside. While I used to be an avid hiker and runner, these days I rely on mobility aids to get around outdoors.

Although I resisted using walking aids for too long, I eventually began using a cane to get around outdoors, then added trekking poles. Eventually, I found that I could walk so much further using a rollator.

Suzy more, a woman with short brown hair wearing sunglasses, a maroon cardigan, and dark pants, stands on a path at a boat marina. Her brown dog stands in front of her Trionic Veloped all-terrain walker.

But about those nature trails and preserves…until recently I haven’t been able to access any of them because of the uneven/sandy terrain (no motorized vehicles are allowed). I tried using trekking poles and a lightweight rollator without much success (the small wheels just don’t move). So, I spent a lot of my time sitting inside, watching the runners and bicyclists from my window.

These days, however, so much has changed. Thanks to the generosity of the nonprofit organization 2LIV4, I am now the proud owner of a Veloped, an all-terrain off-road rollator made by Trionic!

The Veloped easily fits into a car, and I am able to go exploring all kinds of areas, like the local daffodil farm. Who doesn’t like freshly picked daffodils?

Suzy Moore, a woman with short brown hair wearing sunglasses, a dark zip up jacket and khaki pants, stands in a daffodil field using her Trionic Veloped walker. An orange bucket with daffodils in it sits in her walker.

The Swedish design and 12-inch air-pressured tires of the Veloped can go just about anywhere (even on thick, sandy beaches).

Suzy Moore, a woman with short brown hair wearing sunglasses, a white cardigan and khakis uses her Trionic Veloped walker on a sandy beach.

The unique design also reduces so much of the added stress on my joints and back.

Although I still dream of hiking the nature trails without assistance, having a mobility device like the Veloped has opened up so many opportunities for me to get outside, walk my dog, Lucy, and explore nature again.

But most of all, my Veloped has also given me the freedom to participate in lots of family activities!

2 Images: 1) Suzy Moore, a woman with short brown hair wearing sunglasses, a white and blue striped t-shirt and blue shorts, stands on a paved road using her Trionic Veloped walker. A young blond boy with a race bib on stands next to her. 2) Two people, and adult and a child, pass through a red, white, and blue balloon arch at a 4th of July fun run.


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